Empowering businesses.

As the world evolves, so does the business environment.

Nowadays, the answer to a sustainable future lies in teamwork and shared skills. It’s the people within an organisation who can make it work like a well-oiled machine. And that’s why it’s important to equip them with the right tools to overcome challenges and succeed together. Starting with the new Target paper.

Big plans.

In fast-paced professional environments, there’s not a moment to lose.

Stay ahead of growing demands and tackle any project knowing you’ll always get outstanding results. The new Target paper was designed to withstand all the challenges of modern offset printing.


5-step approach to successful innovation

1. Define the challenge

Set a goal and predict the possible hurdles you’ll encounter.

2. Find inspiration

Formulate questions to start looking for answers and unlock your creative process.

3. Think ahead

Focus groups and brainstorming sessions are a great way to uncover innovative ideas.

4. Test concepts

Experimentation is essential to learn and adapt, allowing you to make the right choices.

5. Take action

After defining the scope and size of your project, select the right tools for the job and get started.


Even in the most demanding situations, it’s the confidence in our strengths that leads us to better results.

Success is the product of teamwork and execution is as important as planning.

Target paper has been technologically optimised to provide excellent results on any print job. A comprehensive range of high-quality solutions for everyday needs and demanding applications.

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The value of people in business.

Choosing the best paper makes all the difference, but only people have the power to create amazing things and move businesses forward.

Being aware of everyone’s unique contribution helps establish a link between the different positions within a company and highlights their importance in obtaining common goals.

Why togetherness matters.

Teamwork has several advantages.
First, it fosters unity and trust, improving communication and motivation.

Second, it offers differing perspectives and problem-solving approaches, which means teammates will learn from each other.
It also improves efficiency and productivity, as difficult tasks can be shared.

And finally, teams innovate faster when they’re allowed to easily exchange ideas.

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Highly capable teams have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

In a sense, Target Plus is the same — a versatile option with solutions for all kinds of tasks and challenges.

High-Quality Paper for ambitious printing jobs. 

Target paper is available worldwide. Find a distributor or sales office near you.