Production and certifications.

Target stands at the intersection of innovation
and sustainability.

Everything comes together to offer the best printing results, from the streamlined production methods to the use of modern technology and unique raw materials. Its multiple certifications attest to a strong commitment to quality, supported by a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Eucalyptus globulus. A fibre that always delivers.

At the core of Target paper is a unique fibre that does wonders.

Eucalyptus globulus has special characteristics that allow the creation of a thicker and more resistant paper, while offering superior machine performance levels.

What’s more, using the same raw material ensures high consistency, so you always get the best results.

Quality is the best business strategy.

What is the best way to always ensure outstanding performance?

Using the same raw materials in fully integrated paper mills. In doing so, the special characteristics of the fibre are preserved and the final products maintain a consistent level of quality your business can depend on.

Advanced technology at the heart of it all.

Our papermaking process heavily relies on the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

By investing in research and development, we are able to stay at the leading edge of technology, maximizing size and speed while always ensuring consistent results.

Here too, everything is thoroughly monitored to keep production perfectly streamlined.

Integrated production. High-grade products.

Target paper is carefully monitored throughout its journey, starting with the nurseries, where saplings are grown before being planted in responsibly managed forests.

Afterwards, it’s submitted to a series of lab-proven control and innovation processes in a fully integrated paper mill. This guarantees that it always reaches the desired quality level before it gets into your hands.

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The smart decision for future
innovation is sustainability.

Striving for a sustainable future means looking ahead and taking action.

As part of our commitment towards environmental protection, our production process includes a forest management model with a firm focus on biodiversity conservation, namely the preservation of habitats and species. We also ensure that our raw materials originate from controlled sources and that the net amount of wood is maintained year after year.

International certifications

The entire range of Target products has been awarded with international environmental and performance certifications.

The FSC™ certification, which applies to the Executive range, guarantees that Target paper originates from responsible and well-managed forests.

The EU Ecolabel certification, which applies to weights below 160 g.m-2, ensures that Target complies with the strictest standards of environmental performance.

The PEFC certification, which applies to the Professional range, ensures that the Target brand originates in responsible and well-managed forests, as well as the renewable supply of raw materials and preservation of biodiversity.

Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) awarded a performance certification to Target Executive 80 g.m-2 and Target Professional 75 g.m-2, after subjecting the brand to its extensive runnability tests.

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